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Dec 9, 2012 12:30am EST
nothing else but can do. the next step is schrempp farming. that takes a few months. medina are spending urges it is far from 70,000 shrimp farms -- land overs have displaced lots of owners. farmers take out loans to police the land it. there is that -- if they can be deskilled, and frozen for shipment. this is the hardest for me to document. there is the processing plants. i was taken away at small got -- smog gunpoint. i was violently taken away. that one is ok. the wages were low. there was no severe labor going on. i could not quantify so much of it was tainted. in net interest in the supply chain, i was able to quantify the ratio of shrimp around the world. that was one out of the 57 schrempp. i do not know the forced labor component. he will go lower will ask china to do the same kind of study. i cannot emphasize. what does that mean? every american eats what have and three pieces of shrimp a year attainted. that is what it meant to address global supply chains. this is the work done around to the world now to be a part of this entry is the supply chains. it is an importan
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1